Customer case studies that sell. Delivered as a service.

Are your prospects asking for references and you have no material to show?

There's never enough relevant and high-quality customer references when you need them. Boost your content strategy by introducing us to your customer and we handle the rest.

Establish expertise with professionally produced case studies.

Delivered to you as a service.

You will be able to run an entire marketing campaign from one interview.

Use in marketing

Build credibility by demonstrating your value and convert more leads with high-quality content. Generate more demand and capture attention of your prospective buyers.

Deploy in sales

Establish expertise during the sales cycle and show your ability to solve your customer's problems. Close more deals and build stronger relationships with the help of valuable material.


According to a survey conducted by ReferenceKit with 26 responses from business leaders in Germany and Finland:


of respondents read case studies before deciding on a vendor. A further 15,4% asked for extra material and details in the consideration stage.


of respondents considered case studies and references to have had a significant impact on their decision to go with a particular vendor.


It is difficult to make good case studies

Getting your customer to agree can be tricky. Interviewing them can feel awkward. And if you don't get the details right, there is a big chance you've wasted everyone's time for nothing.💨

⚡️ Sometimes the back and forth to get things published takes ages, and when it's finally ready, it turns out to be non-convertive.

You might think to make an intern do the job or hire a random writer who, in worst case, can embarrass you in front of your clients or ruin your brand.

Instead you should hire ReferenceKit

Because we're not just another content producer. We have deep experience in sales, marketing and growth all across Europe.

  • We understand your business and can hit the ground running fast.
  • Case studies, testimonials and success stories are our sole focus.
  • You get a better product, faster, and most probably, cheaper.
  • We take over the end-to-end process while respecting your customers.
  • You get concrete deliverables and a true partner to fuel your growth.

Let us walk you through our process below.

If your most important customer references are over a year old...